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"Thought you might enjoy seeing all your wonderful things in our newly renovated circa 1803 log cabin.  Our guests love the copper tub!"  ~ Laureen G. 

 ~ ~ * ~ ~

"We love our copper kitchen sinks!  In fact, we would like to order another sink for our butler pantry." ~ Joe T. 

~ ~ * ~ ~

"Our house was just completed.  We have a lot of work to decorate.  However, some of the most striking aspects of our home are the sinks you designed and made for us."  ~ Dale C.


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Copper History | Tradition | About Our Artisans

A Brief History of Copper

Copper is one of the oldest and most extensively used metals known to man.  Its earliest known use dates as far back as the 8th Century B.C. to the Hittite Empire of Central Turkey, during the Late Bronze Age!

A Symbol of Wealth

In ancient times, copper was recognized as a symbol of wealth.  Inventory lists of archeological findings from around 8000 B.C. include moveable and storable wealth in the form of copper and include such luxury items as copper bath tubs!  Even though gold appeared on the scene around 4000 B.C., it's value was second to copper for at least another 1000 years!

Decorative & Utilitarian

For nearly 50 centuries, copper was the only metal known and was used in all metal applications in it's pure form.  Early copper artifacts, many of which can be found on display today at some of the world's most renowned museums, were first decorative in nature, then utilitarian, and were hammered out from pure 'native' copper. 

Copper artifacts that have been unearthed at various archeological sites clearly provide evidence as to copper's amazing properties and its many uses.  Some items of interest include...    

  • A museum at the University of Pennsylvania displays a copper frying pan that has been dated to be more than 50 centuries old!

  • Archeologists have recovered a portion of a water plumbing system from the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.  The copper tubing used was found in serviceable condition after more than 5,000 years!

  • A copper pendant discovered in what is now northern Iraq has been dated about 8700 B.C.

  • One of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls found in Israel is made of copper instead of more fragile animal skins. The scroll contains no biblical passages or religious writings - only clues to a still undiscovered treasure.

It's interesting to note that although copper has been the most used metal for nearly 10,000 years, only about 12% of the known worldwide copper resources have been mined throughout history... and nearly all of it is still in circulation in one form or another! 

A Valuable Metal of Choice

Known and re
cognized by our ancestors for its beauty and ductility... copper is used extensively today for the very same reasons.  Whether in decorative form or in utilitarian use, copper has found a permanent place in our lives.

Our connection to copper is a long one indeed.  Though it may no longer be the metal signifying great wealth, it remains so in spirit and will always be a most valuable and useful metal of choice!

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

A Rich Tradition!

Mexico celebrates a rich tradition of �arte popular� (functional art) that reaches back more than 2000 years.  A country that places a high value on artistry, Mexico is home to some of the finest craftsmen in the world. 

Father to Son

Today, highly skilled artisans continue to practice trades that have been handed down from father to son since time immemorial.  With a dedication to keeping their heritage alive, many of these craftsman remain purists and continue to produce their wares completely by hand, just as their forefathers before them. 

Using 'age-old' techniques that are all but lost to our 'mass production world', Mexican craftsmen have mastered the skill of producing ordinary household items so rich in beauty, detail and appeal, they give new meaning to the term, 'living art'

An Ancient Custom

Among the oldest of trades is the custom of forming pure copper and stone into highly decorative household items for everyday use.  Today, descendents of a long line of craftsmen proudly carry on this tradition and produce the most beautifully crafted copper and stone sinks, bath tubs and accessories to be used, admired and enjoyed in today's most fashionable, upscale homes! 

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Our Artisans ~ Masters of Copper & Stone

Born of processes that have withstood the �test of time�, our products come to you from deep in the heart of Mexico where copper has been processed since 1553 and masons have been working with stone since before recorded history!

Exceptional Talent & Skill

Heirs to a legacy of century after century of family skill, pride and tradition, our artisans are members of some of the oldest families still living in this region.  Craftsmen of exceptional talent and skill, most started working with copper and stone as soon as they could walk!  

It's such a joy to see these coppersmiths and stonemasons engaged in their work.  They truly love what they do.  They have been privy to generations of strictly guarded 'trade secrets' and have acquired an intimacy and knowingness of copper and stone that cannot even be gained through years of study. 

An Elite Group

Maestros (masters) among their peers, our artisans are more than just ordinary craftsmen.  They're an elite group of European trained coppersmiths and stonemasons, that have acquired the gift of transforming an ordinary copper or stone sink, bath tub or accessory into an absolutely stunning and highly functional, work of art! 

We feel privileged to bring you the wares of these incredibly skilled masters.  Magnificent, one-of-a-kind copper and stone sinks, bath tubs and accessories with a 'natural' quality that captures the spirit of 450 plus years of culture, pride and tradition... yet are absolutely timeless in beauty, character and style! 

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

If you have any questions about our copper and stone kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, vessel sinks, bathtubs or natural stone floor tile, we're available to take your call and we personally answer our phones!  Just call us toll free at 1.800.679.5626

Please enjoy your shopping experience with us and thanks for visiting Treasures D' Old Mexico!  If you're building a new home or remodeling an existing kitchen or bathroom, we're confident we have the copper or stone kitchen sink, bathroom sink, vessel sink, bath tub and floor tile that's right for you

Susan & Jorge, Owners
Treasures D' Old Mexico


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